11 Interior Design Tips to Share With Your Office Contractor in Singapore

Modern offices are moving beyond simply being a location to conduct business and are increasingly becoming a statement of a company’s identity and values. A variety of designs and unique elements are included in office design, which not only says a lot about the business but also makes it a fun place to work every day.

Looking to kickstart your office renovation in Singapore? Read on for 11 interior design tips that you can share with your project managers before engaging an office contractor in Singapore!


Inspirational Office Interior Design Ideas from an Office Contractor in Singapore

It might be difficult to find inspiration for office space planning, so we’ve put up 11 ideas to help you get started and add some excitement to the work environment.


1. Incorporate plants

The benefits of incorporating flora into an office design for staff, clients, and the atmosphere of the workplace as a whole are enormous. Plants make an area healthier and purify the air. They can also enhance creativity and mood. Plants can also improve attitudes and creativity at work.

Greenery adds beauty and appeal to any room, whether it’s a living wall installation, desk plants, or a variety of plants arranged in an unusual way in a communal area.

Incorporate plants


2. Wall with a statement piece

A statement wall in a workplace immediately sparks curiosity. A statement wall can be as easy as painting one wall a different colour from the others in the workplace, or it might be an elaborate design made of wood, tile, or high shelves. If you are unsure of what you can use as a statement piece, always consult your office contractor in Singapore.


3. Utilize expansive areas

Glass partition panels have been used by many offices to divide up enormous industrial facilities and create more personal quarters. Sliding glass barn doors give a contemporary accent that blends well with the industrial setting. Check with your office contractor in Singapore if this is possible, and if not, they may also be able to suggest other alternatives.


4. Blend the materials

When it comes to workplace design, combining materials in a distinctive office layout produces an environment that is intriguing and practical. A one-dimensional office environment may be transformed into an exciting atmosphere for everyone visiting or working there, by adding different textures like wood, glass, and fabric.

Blend the materials


5. Be angular

Office decor can be immensely daring, inspiring energy and innovation everywhere. Bright colours and strong geometric patterns brighten up a space and provide an intriguing image. Light fixtures and painted designs can both use geometric patterns.


6. Combine rustic and industrial

An exceptionally inventive workplace design might feature the blending of two distinct styles. Rustic and industrial designs are two of the most often included elements in contemporary workplace decor. Sleek industrial storage units, seats, and light fixtures fit nicely in large, open areas. Then, rustic decorations and tables may be added to the room as a whole.

Combine rustic and industrial


7. Use striking colours

With a splash of vibrant colour, you may get creative inspiration in one of the simplest ways. The use of vibrant colours on the walls and floor may deliberately provide just the right amount of excitement to the design to liven things up and inspire creativity. A neutral workplace colour scheme can be restful and reduce distractions that can lower productivity.

While there are many ways to include strong splashes of colour, one of the simplest is to pick out a few pieces of furniture that elevate the space. The colour of the furniture adds a distinctive accent to an otherwise neutral palette, and the furniture can be switched out if the design has to change to accommodate new conditions or scenarios.


8. Use neutral hues to instill tranquilly

Some workplaces benefit from geometric patterns and splashes of vibrant colour, while other office designs benefit from a neutral colour scheme that instils a sense of tranquilly throughout. The office’s calming environment, which promotes work, is created by the soft brown walls and natural wood furnishings.


9. Let light through

Glass partitions let light into the inside of the workplace, which has a huge variety of advantages like greater levels of vitamin D, enhancing productivity, and raising staff mood. In this office layout, the glass wall dividers are incorporated into a conventional wall to provide the workspace some seclusion while still letting light in from the outer windows.

Let light through


10. Be relevant

Flexibility and efficiency are valued in office design. Sliding glass barn doors and freestanding contemporary glass office dividers provide for acoustic seclusion while maintaining visual access to the whole workspace. This partition type is adaptable since it may be changed as needed. Instead of having the office through a drawn-out remodelling procedure as the demands of the workplace change, the partitions may be altered.


11. Make use of distinct areas

It all boils down to the requirements of each particular business. Although open office layouts gained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s, it is now obvious that discrete spaces may be used to improve cooperation and offer quiet areas for workers to concentrate on their job. Integrating open, pod-like spaces that separate people without isolating them is one design concept.


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