5 Trends For Commercial Interior Design in Singapore

Without a question, COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we think about workplace architecture.

Many businesses had to come up with creative solutions to keep workplace safety a major priority during the epidemic while also preserving corporate culture, ensuring high levels of productivity and efficiency, and encouraging a much-needed sense of employee well-being.

It has undoubtedly been difficult for many workplaces to adjust to all the changes that have occurred over the past two years, so it is not surprising that the top office design trends have also changed to reflect the times.

Discover how focusing on flexibility, cozy surroundings, sustainability, and digital technology benefits performance and the bottom line in commercial spaces. Transform your workplace setting in 2022 with these 5 major trends, and learn how to incorporate them into your space.


1. Designing flexible office spaces

It’s official: stiff walls and cubicles are no longer used. More dynamic workplaces that are simple to modify to suit the demands of a workforce that is always changing are starting to appear in contemporary design aspects.

Encourage cooperation and teamwork among your employees by creating a flexible work environment that allows for various interactions with coworkers, especially after a period of social isolation.


Expand your working area using pods

Flexible workplaces and “pod” style layouts gained popularity as more organisations chose open-concept space planning. They were particularly helpful during social isolation, but they are still ideal for giving open rooms a sense of solitude in post-pandemic office settings.

When people are at work, they frequently look for private, secure spaces to work in. Employees may feel out of place as remote workers return to the office and as the number of employees changes. Pods can help in this situation.

Many of these pods provide comfortable chairs, plugs for laptop charging, and little private rooms with enough space to work alone or with a small group. Some pods are even soundproof, allowing for comfortable, private meetings and interdepartmental communication.

Expand your working area using pods


Include more adaptable furnishings

For a flexible office, consider furniture that can be easily adjusted. Use smaller tables and wheeled chairs instead of big tables and fixed seats to easily switch from collaboration to solo work.

Adaptable floor planning, popular in small office spaces, allows staff to customize their workspace for productivity and safety in response to increased health and safety concerns.


2. Considering office buildings as a second home

It is crucial for the success of your firm to develop an inviting office environment for both staff and clients, especially after spending the previous two years in and out of office spaces. Commercial Interior design solutions are here to solve that problem.

In essence, you want everyone to feel comfortable and at home. There are several approaches to take, and each workplace is unique. But the secret is to strike the ideal mix between ease and reason that complements your brand.


Add elegant furnishings

To evoke a sense of home in their work surroundings, many companies are furnishing their lobbies and office areas with sofas and armchairs with throw pillows. In addition to offering a relaxing atmosphere, these fixtures are very adaptable and will look great in any open area of your building.

You may also think about including coffee tables and beer refrigerators in addition to your new comfy furniture if it fits your room and brand. These elements will undoubtedly generate a sociable atmosphere for all to enjoy, whether they are a foyer for your customers to await in or reception areas for your staff.

Add elegant furnishings


Increase the amount of daylight

Science has shown that being in the sun improves our happiness and well-being. Additionally, it makes spaces brighter and the workplace appears larger and more open. Therefore, it’s obvious that adding more natural light to your building will improve your office spaces.

Sometimes all it takes to increase the amount of sunlight entering the room is to move furniture away from windows. But in commercial settings where there are fewer possibilities to make use of natural light, you may simulate it with strategically positioned mirrors or a warm color palette.

For a cozy and productive atmosphere, incorporating more natural light into your office space is essential. Choose what works best for your space to boost staff morale.


3. Using commercial interior design to tell the story of your company

Commercial interior design plays a crucial role in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing workplace environment.

Businesses must be more creative with their marketing to retain current customers and attract new ones. Making an overall theme for your brand out of your workplace design is one method to do this. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Of course, every company has a unique origin story, so you should pick design aspects that best convey yours. Work with an interior design company that you believe can bring out that story.

Using commercial interior design to tell the story of your company


Combine classic and contemporary design with carpentry services

Similar to the weather, trends come and go in interior designing services too. Therefore, whether your commercial interior design project is a start-up or an established one, you may think of fusing vintage and current design trends to create an intriguing fusion of the past and present.

The 1960s-era wooden office furniture is one trend that is now in vogue. Brass, metal in the industrial style, and stone are some more contemporary “ancient” fashions. Even if a complete office renovation of the workplace is unrealistic, adding a few brass art pieces or custom-made furniture crafted by a carpentry service may complement your commercial interior design and inspire your staff’s creativity for years to come.


Wrap the walls

Wall coverings that reflect a company’s history and culture are common in offices. These fixtures take in light and other factors from the environment to give your office space atmosphere. The tougher surface is simpler to keep clean and maintain, and it contributes to a healthy and secure atmosphere.

For a basic workplace, wall coverings are a great design option to make staff and clients feel comfortable and welcomed. Choose between a textured wooden pattern for a nostalgic feel or patterned wallpaper with your brand’s colors.


4. Improving workplace safety using technology

Thanks to modern technology, we have a better understanding of workplace architecture, especially after dealing with the global epidemic. Companies are promoting modern offices for improved safety and health, even as more employees work remotely. You may relieve your staff members’ concerns about going back to work by implementing some of the technological advances that made work feasible throughout the epidemic.


Technology without touching

In order to prioritize health and safety, modern workplace design now requires investing in automated light switches and faucets as a necessity, not just a trend. By reducing contact surfaces in your establishment, you can create a healthier environment.


Mobile applications and voice recognition technologies around the office

Facial recognition is a beneficial technique for lessening physical interaction in the workplace, notwithstanding the controversy surrounding its usage. Voice recognition, on the other hand, is a well-liked substitute. Imagine being able to ask Alexa to schedule meetings and create task lists with just a few easy commands.

This may also offer up numerous opportunities for online workplaces to seamlessly link with physical locations via the Internet and other mobile apps. Everyone gets equal access to the workplace at their fingertips thanks to automatic scheduling and meeting room reservations.


5. Reconnecting with nature in our workplaces through biophilic commercial interior design

Because of the advantages that plants provide for employee wellbeing, many businesses are beginning to utilise them more liberally. Greenery may offer a natural aspect and bring the outside inside when a space lacks windows or adequate lighting. Learning about and emphasising biophilic design aspects is one method to achieve this in your environment.

We now understand that fake encounters with nature are insufficient. You can’t just hang a picture of a lush meadow up and start enjoying what nature has to offer. Here are some current commercial interior design ideas promote plants and eco-friendly practices to boost our well-being and emotions.

Reconnecting with nature in our workplaces through biophilic office design


Green walls

Adding green walls to your work area has a lot of advantages. Indoor plants are ideal for offices since they have been scientifically shown to increase air circulation and quality, particularly in tiny areas.

They will not only improve well-being and stimulate innovation and productivity, but they may also make open workplace environments quieter. Your staff will have less headache and weariness as a result, and they’ll feel more at ease at work.



Working with your existing space to create an office that is fashionable but also practical might be difficult. Always taking into account the demands of your staff and clients is the key in this situation.

Invest in small desks and office pods for a co-working environment where individuals work independently, or opt for a lounge and comfortable chairs for a close-knit office where workers often collaborate and socialize.


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Exceed your expectations with ArtDecor Design Studio


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