Beginner’s Guide to Picking Your HDB Contractor

Interior design or “ID” businesses are probably the first terms that spring to mind when thinking about renovating your home. In fact, we offer a guide on how to work with HDB-approved contractors for your renovation works and the pros and cons of using them.

Let’s get started! In this article, we’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of HDB contractors and give you some advice on how to deal with them.


What Do HDB Contractors Do?

What Do Contractors Do, in Brief


Contractors are professionals that specialize in completing tasks. Their primary areas of competence include procuring the proper supplies, locating qualified labor, and, most crucially, their many years of building and carpentry experience.

The majority of HDB contractors specialize; some may concentrate on kitchens, while others exclusively work with tiles and flooring. Keep in mind that there are also general contractors that can perform any type of remodeling. Those with more than ten years of experience are generally the ones!

In reality, when you hire an ID company, they often handle project management and design. Most probably, HDB contractors which specialize in that field would be subcontracted to carry out the physical remodeling procedure.


1. Cost

Costs between HDB contractors and ID companies are very different. Going with a contractor is almost 30–50% less expensive than working with an ID business to get the same result. There are certainly valid explanations for the pricing differential, which we shall discuss later. The most important thing to remember is that, in comparison to using an ID business, you will have to put in more work at this lower cost.


2. You are aware of what you want

Another justification for hiring HDB contractors is having an understanding of the outcome. Possessing a few Pinterest photos bookmarked on your smartphone somehow doesn’t constitute having a concept. You must be detailed to avoid misunderstandings with the HDB contractor. You’ll need to mark up the floor plan, for instance, and know the exact measurements for the dining worktop.


3. Willing or able to spend more time being hands-on

You will need to be far more active in the renovation process if you hire a HDB contractor. This is fantastic for homeowners who have flexible schedules or just prefer to be involved in the activity since it leaves them feeling very accomplished.


Potential drawbacks of HDB Contractors & uses of ID companies

The Drawbacks of Contractors & Potential Uses of ID Companies


Hiring an ID company to handle the renovation project

However, an ID company will take care of all of your refurbishment needs, including:

  • Planning, research, and advice
  • Choosing the appropriate HDB contractor(s) for the project
  • Organizing and seeing that the due date is observed
  • Choosing the appropriate furnishings
  • Inspection of flaws

When you work with an ID firm, you often get to “chill” after the design process because the ID firm is there to take care of the rest. An ID company may be the best option if you have a busy schedule or are just ready to hire an expert to complete the task.


Standards for Collaborating with HDB Contractors

Standards for Collaborating with Contractors


1. Specify your needs clearly and put them in writing

This is true whether you use an ID company or a HDB renovation contractor in Singapore, but it’s especially true in the latter scenario. Construction is a contractor’s primary area of competence, as was already established. As a result, they will follow your lead in terms of things like size, design, materials, and more. Another piece of advice is to write down everything that has been discussed and decided. Certainly, the renovation contractor in Singapore may be amiable and you could trust him, but this just serves to avoid misunderstandings. You don’t want to get a surprise charge that is too high, do you?


2. Work with a HDB contractor who has relevant experience

While it may seem obvious, one of the most crucial elements for successful restoration is a cooperative primary HDB renovation contractor. A “principal” contractor would be what exactly? The larger improvements should be carried out by the principal Contractor. For instance, the restroom, kitchen, or room dividers.

For instance, he may offer advice on where to put the air conditioner, how to wire the room, and even give you the phone numbers of additional contractors like painters and plumbers!


3. Organize the work of your HDB contractors

If you choose the contractor approach, you will often have many contractors working on various projects. It may end up looking like this:

  • Bathroom & Kitchen: Principal Contractor
  • Carpeting: A contractor
  • Wardrobes built-in: Contractor B
  • HVAC and wiring: C Contractor
  • Cleaning and painting: D contractor

As a result, you will need to schedule each contractor accordingly after determining which renovation project must be finished first. This will cut down on time wasted and facilitate a seamless renovation procedure.

Likewise, feel free to consult your primary contractor for guidance since he will often have the greatest knowledge of the renovation’s order of operation.


4. Don’t forget to do a defects assessment

Even contractors who have the greatest of intentions are seldom flawless builders. There could occasionally be small difficulties with the quality and craftsmanship. As a result, remember to do a quick fault examination. Once a problem has been located, don’t forget to snap a photo and mark the problematic regions. Then, make as many notes as you can and submit them as soon as possible to the Contractor! So long as it is not too long after the remodeling is finished, the majority of contractors should be able to help you.


Exceed your expectations with ArtDecor Design Studio — Leading HDB Contractor in Singapore

Exceed your expectations with ArtDecor Design Studio — Leading HDB Contractor in Singapore


It’s not simple to choose a contractor, so you shouldn’t take it lightly. You can identify a trustworthy business to deal with from start to end with this expert advice!

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