Interior Designer vs. HDB Contractor: A Comparison

Do you intend to refurbish your condominium or HDB? Or do you have any plans to rent a new one? In either case, while designing your interiors, you can be torn between hiring an interior designer or a HDB contractor. Before making your final decision, it is helpful to understand the precise distinction between an interior designer and a HDB renovation contractor in Singapore, even if they may do identical tasks.

We can thus assist you in making the best choice if you’re searching for an interior designer or a home renovation contractor in Singapore. The following are the key distinctions between an interior design firm and a HDB renovation contractor in Singapore:


1. What Are the Main Differences Between a an Interior Designer and a HDB renovation contractor in Singapore?

Before deciding which service to use, it can be helpful to understand what each expert provides explicitly. Here is a brief explanation of what to anticipate from HDB approved contractors and interior design services in Singapore when it comes to renovating your home.


What Does a Contractor Do for Renovations?

What Does a Contractor Do for Renovations


The design concepts you have for your house are often put into practice by a home renovation contractor in Singapore. In other words, a contractor for house renovations oversees the implementation of your design concept. This is the best option when you are sure of the precise design you want for your home.

You may either hire a small-scale refurbishment contractor in Singapore or embark on a major new residential and commercial building projects, depending on the extent of the job.

It’s crucial to remember that both large and small renovation contractors rarely provide stylistic and design recommendations.

HDB renovation contractors in Singapore typically just carry out your requirements without making any style suggestions, whether it be for renovations or interior design.


What Do Interior Designers Do?

In the renovation contractor vs. interior designer discussion, we discussed the services that HDB renovation contractors in Singapore provide. Let’s now examine what an interior designer may provide in a similar situation. A person who builds a home or creates a fresh style for it is an interior designer.

These designs are created in accordance with each homeowner’s preferences, needs, and lifestyle. They have a thorough comprehension of trends and a solid grasp of meeting client wants.

So an interior designer is your top pick if you’re seeking the entire package, which encompasses design and execution.


2. How do you choose between hiring a an interior designer or a HDB renovation contractor in Singapore?

You still have the option of hiring a Singaporean interior designer or remodelling contractor now that the fundamentals have been clarified for you. We’ve compiled some crucial questions to think about because this might be a difficult decision to make:


#1: Does your home require major renovations or just minor fixes?

During your condo or HDB refurbishment, are you looking to make significant changes? Connecting with an interior designer is something we’d advise. Why? Because professional interior designers will put your wants and lifestyle preferences above anything else.

Interior designers are more likely than remodelling contractors to provide you with innovative solutions for certain design issues. Singapore remodelling companies, however, only carry out the plan that you have given them.

So, if you simply want to make modest adjustments, a remodelling contractor can do it. However, a professional interior designer is the one for you if you’re preparing to undertake a significant home renovation job.


#2: Do You Follow a Fixed Budget?

Between a remodelling contractor versus interior designer, there might be a noticeable difference in costs. Even the greatest remodelling contractor in Singapore might wind up being more economical than an interior designer. They may provide less services in contrast, which results in lower prices.

Additionally, a contractor might not think to ask you for advice on problems that you might need help with. An interior designer, on the other hand, won’t be reluctant to provide their professional judgement on these issues. Consider increasing your budget because renovations are a one-time cost to create your ideal house.

Therefore, if you have a tight budget, you could lean more toward a HDB renovation contractor in Singapore. However, it may pay you, in the long run, to increase your budget and engage an interior designer. This is particularly true if you have to spend more money on potential future problems.


#3: Do You Want the Possibility of Rectifying? Or Are You Confident in The Changes?

Do You Want the Possibility of Rectifying Or Are You Confident in The Changes


Since they are in charge of working with clients and vendors, interior designers tend to take more responsibility for their work. Designers will try their utmost to fix any mistakes in subsequent rounds.

A professional contractor, though, might be less eager to fix mistakes. To put it another way, you might need to nag them to do more iterations so that something can be repaired or customised. Making the best decision between interior designers and remodelling companies in Singapore is essential to the final result of your interiors because of this.


#4: How Interested Are You in the Construction Process?

Before contacting any service, you should really consider asking yourself this question. HDB renovation contractors in Singapore may need you to be present on the job site while they renovate. This is because you are in charge of the entire procedure and must make specific calls in order for it to move forward.

Interior designers provide you with more freedom and need less of your time than remodelling contractors do. They are capable of handling vendor coordination on their own, so you can relax knowing that your house is in excellent hands. A designer won’t need your help to complete your ideal home after they have a general understanding of your design brief.



An interior designer could be more expensive in Singapore than a refurbishment contractor. When weighing the advantages and disadvantages, interior designers provide greater convenience because they take full responsibility for their job and provide innovative methods to assist create a gorgeously functioning house.

This is why it is advised to hire an interior designer for major home renovations, as opposed to a renovation contractor, for smaller renovations in Singapore.


Exceed your expectations with ArtDecor Design Studio

Exceed your expectations with ArtDecor Design Studio


It’s not simple to choose a HDB renovation contractor in Singapore, so you shouldn’t take it lightly. You can identify a trustworthy business to deal with from start to end with this expert advice!

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