Ultimate Guide to Condo Renovation in Singapore

Home renovations provide several obstacles, whether they are being done to the kitchen, bedroom, gallery, or entire house. It still has the potential to be enjoyable.

It’s true that having effective organising abilities is necessary for your condo renovation and putting your interior design ideas into practice. After all, if you want to maximise the limited area available with a useful architecture, you must take into account every influencing aspect.

You can essentially modify your condo apartment without any unforeseen difficulties if you have a well-thought-out strategy and good supplies. So let’s go over some pretty crucial things to consider as well as some helpful condo renovation and remodelling advice before you roll up your sleeves and get to work.


1. Understand the regulations of condo renovation

For each new development, the condo board has different policies. Make sure that none of those pertinent policies is being interfered with. The board can include rules that could influence your design choices, such as the use of materials. The laws and regulations primarily serve to clarify which specific days and hours you can spend repairing an apartment.

It is essential to keep track of these items so that you are not subsequently faced with scheduling or delivery issues. Before beginning any work, you would unquestionably need a permit or other type of legal authority.

It could be better if you consult a qualified board member about your specific objectives before moving further. This will enable you to assess your expectations and ensure that your home design plans remain realistic.


2. Understand the purpose of your condo renovation

You must evaluate who the condo unit is being renovated for after discussing the specific plans with the condo board and determining what you are (and aren’t) permitted to remodel.

Numerous factors can change depending on whether you want to renovate the entire area, sell the property, or rent it out.

Even if you are remodelling your apartment for personal use, you should still find out how long it will take to complete the work. With an expected timeframe that includes every design component, you can prioritise your work similarly.

The finest investment prospects must be taken into account if, on the other hand, you are renovating a condo with the intention of renting or selling it. While cutting through the unnecessary details, you need to concentrate on a few important regions.

In the end, if you decide what is most important to you, you can fulfil all of the requirements. Give yourself time because these are not routine decisions.

Understand the purposes of renovation


3. Recognize your limits

It’s critical to understand your project constraints in real estate. You must essentially be realistic about the design plans because not all of them will be possible to materialize. Some unique design and architectural construction designs could be too challenging to materialize. To make sure you aren’t setting unrealistic expectations, you can employ an outside expert.


4. Don’t reposition your bathroom fixtures

The cost of establishing many places for your fixtures shouldn’t be too high. You’ll probably lose a lot of money, time, and effort on it. It would be best to leave the bathroom toilet in its existing location.

What you could do is make some design adjustments to the existing dwelling space. Try to discover comparable parts that you can simply integrate with the current surroundings, whether you are familiar with magnificent minimalist designs or ancient woodwork. The kitchen, cabinetry, flooring, etc., may all be renovated using the same advice as the bathroom fixtures.


5. Reduce lighting intensity

Since most condominiums have cement ceilings, it is less likely that extra lighting fixtures will need to be installed by drilling. The majority of the light switch setups as well as other ceiling-related alterations take place overhead. This covers changing the ventilation’s path or even installing a new hood fan.

You will require a six- to twelve-inch drop, depending on the style of fixture you desire. There will be a visible shift in ceiling height there, but you may overcome it by including some special design elements.

Reduce Lighting Intensity


6. Put more effort into constructing than destroying

Some condos have exquisitely crafted moldings that exude elegance and traditional wealth. Some are quite cutting-edge and constructed to be easy to use, effective, and inexpensive.

In any event, you don’t really need to concentrate on breaking things down to achieve that type of aesthetic. Focusing on the act of construction is typically the greatest method to improve open space.


7. Try to remain adaptable in your condo renovation project

One of the best remodeling advice you’ll ever get is this. Being adaptable in terms of your designer notions is more advantageous. Every condo renovation project has some limitations and a chance of failing. It will be simpler to accept the things you can’t truly do during the building phase if you are wise enough to reevaluate certain design alterations. In essence, you may compromise and achieve some aims more quickly. Knowing what is necessary for your condo renovation and what isn’t is crucial.


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Exceed your expectations with ArtDecor Design Studio


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