4 Things to Know Before Embarking on Commercial Renovation

A stunning office remodeling is advantageous for your office space or commercial space. However, there are a few things you might want to consider before getting started on your office interior design. In order to plan a commercial renovation project in Singapore, many concerns must be addressed.

We are aware of this, and we are also aware that having your responses prepared will greatly aid a design team in better understanding your company. This will allow them to develop a plan that fully satisfies all of your needs and streamline the procedure — a necessity for any business since you’ll want to return to (the brand-new, improved) normal as soon as possible!

To make sure you’ve accounted for some of the more typical factors, we’ve put up our list of 5 crucial possible questions to ask yourself before you commence on a commercial renovation project.


1. Exactly what do you want to achieve in your commercial renovation project?

Are you utilising break-out rooms to offer value, make room for more people, or enhance the quality of life for your team? Alternatively, do you need to add more private meeting spaces, freshen up a drab office, or swap fixed desks out for flexible furniture?

Consider existing issues and how you might wish to address them at the new workplace. After all, solving problems leads to the creation of the finest designs. Consider how you want visitors to feel when they enter your new area.

Similar to remodelling your house, the planning process for a commercial renovation project must be thorough, practical, and ensure that you do not overlook anything. The state of your building’s roof, brickwork, glass, flooring, plumbing, electrical systems, and more may be on this checklist. It could also contain issues with humidity and decay.

Exactly what do you want to achieve here


2. What is your spending plan for your commercial renovation project?

Of course, when you learn more about the expenses and available solutions, this may vary a little, but the amount of financing is a significant factor. Maintaining reality is essential to avoid overextending oneself while freshening up the office. Being forced to choose priorities is easy when you are aware of the budget upfront.

The fact that you’ll probably need some contingency money built into that budget is also important to keep in mind. Things happen in projects that can’t always be planned for, and the last thing you want is for everything to go derailed in the middle of things. Additionally, it provides you with a little creative freedom to adapt as the project develops.

Being open about your budget from the beginning is essential if you’re working with a professional team (like us!). Then, as part of our responsibility, we’ll look at what can actually be accomplished within that budget; if it falls short of the brief, we’ll talk about whether the budget or the brief needs to be altered. 

Create a budget from the beginning and be sure to stick to it throughout the restoration process. You must understand that spending on the project’s important sections is preferable to attempting to construct a flawless office tower at a higher cost because you cannot depend on ROI to compensate for everything you require for the makeover.


3. How is your timeline looking like for your commercial renovation project?

Time should also be considered. You must determine how long you can afford to wait and how this will affect the work being done and where it is being done because the majority of businesses cannot afford to just shut everything down for a few months. A detailed calendar that depicts the timetable gives you and your employees a sense of what will happen at each stage and makes you feel more organised.

How is your timeline looking like


4. Who is your commercial renovation contractor?

One of the most important things you’ll want to get right when choosing contractors and craftsmen is that they may make or ruin a project. You’ll want to make sure they truly grasp your vision, are prioritising your goals, have the necessary expertise, and have positive evaluations to support their reputation.

It will be beneficial to do your research thoroughly in the search for the best contractors since it will allow you to relax knowing that the job is in good hands. This may be as simple as doing a quick Google search for them or it could include chatting with other businesses who have had comparable work done and personally inspecting the calibre of the prior work.

Before implementing anything that could not go as planned by all the workers, consult your employees if a business building is in need of remodelling. Since you are a manager, you must consult with every employee about the remodelling plans. Make sure you have a different session that is held frequently since they are also familiar with the details of the workplace layout.

Who is your contractor


Here’s where we step in as a commercial renovation specialist!

No matter how big or little your business remodeling project might be, we at Art Decor Design are always thrilled to be a part of its planning and design.


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